Newtown in the 90s – Making the Map

I’m doing a walking tour of 1990s Newtown as a tie in with my recently released Memoir Ninety9, and as part of it I’m making a map of King Street in the 1990s. No particular year – though it is strongest with mid-90s, which is the era I started visiting Newtown regularly. It’s still a work in progress but I thought I’d post it here and ask what else would be good to include before I make the final map. So please do comment if there’s anywhere you remember that would be good to include (click to enlarge).

Newtown 90s map WIP

4 Comments on “Newtown in the 90s – Making the Map”

  1. Hi Vanessa. I really like checking out your blog. Thank you for the wonderful insights into memoir writing in the lecture this morning, and for answering my questions on blogging and illustrations. Keep up the great work 🙂

    Brendon the Smiling Chef

  2. I have a copy of Cheap Eats from 1994 with a small section on Newtown mentioned (how times have changed!). I can scan and send if needed.

    • Vanessa Berry says:

      Thanks Alison – would be great to see it if it’s not too much of a hassle to scan. I’ll send you a Newtown map when I finish it!

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