Mirror Sydney: the book

Published by Giramondo Publishing in 2017, the Mirror Sydney book is a collection of essays and hand-drawn maps, investigating an alternative Sydney, investigating the details and atmospheres of the city and suburbs. For more information and orders, please see the publisher’s website. It is widely available in bookstores in Sydney and beyond, and through online booksellers.


‘Vanessa Berry is an ideal observer because she accords everything she sees the respect of acknowledging the premises it was founded on. Her writing is thoroughly informed as well as affectionate and funny, and often deeply moving.’

‘Conjuring up a shadow city of forgotten fantasies and dreams, Mirror Sydney offers similar pleasures to David Ulin’s walker’s Los Angeles or Iain Sinclair’s dispatches from a rapidly changing London. I found my heart jumping with joy as it brought parts of my lost city back to life.’



‘Iridescent in its imagination, delicate in its details, Vanessa Berry’s Mirror Sydney conjures a place that is not only petit-point and gorgeous aboveground but also stygian and spooky underground.’




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