St Peters, Post-Industrial Playground

As part of this year’s Australian Heritage Festival, I’ll be presenting a talk and slideshow about St Peters called “Post Industrial Playground”. It’s on May 10th at St Peters library, and is free, but please register here if you’d like to come along. I’ll be talking about St Peters’ recent past, with a focus on alternative culture: punx picnics, St Peters in pop culture, and weird scenes from Sydney Park. Of which there are many.

Kate Bush in multiple converges on Sydney Park.


4 Comments on “St Peters, Post-Industrial Playground”

  1. says:

    Suzanne Curr  10th May  Would like to come along.  Thanks.

  2. Michael Deal says:

    I can’t come as i live out o Sydney but would be very interested in purchasing your book when it is released, Vanessa. Will keep an eye out on your blog.

    • Vanessa Berry says:

      Thanks Michael – the book will be out in October, and I will of course be making announcements about its release date and launch as it comes closer to publication, so do keep an eye on the blog.

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