Sydney Lost and Found Giveaway

The Health Food of a Nation – ghost ice creams in Bexley.

**UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who entered and shared their lost and found Sydney stories. I’ve drawn the prize from my top hat and have a winner – congratulations to Kristina!**

On April 1st I’m hosting the Sydney Lost and Found bus tour with Sydney Living Museums, in conjunction with the exhibition Demolished Sydney. It’s a mystery tour that starts in the city and heads south into the suburbs, travelling through time and stories as we go.

The tour is sold out, but I have a ticket to giveaway! To enter, leave a comment with your favourite lost, or rediscovered place in Sydney. Next Tuesday, I’ll draw the prize (at random using the names in a hat method). Good luck!

Details of the tour are here.

16 Comments on “Sydney Lost and Found Giveaway”

  1. Favourite rediscovered place: WW2 bunkers x 2 on Alleyne Ave in North Narrabeen, which give a good view of the Australian coastline, and through the bush, for any approaching enemies.

  2. Naomi Doyle says:

    How on earth did this tour slip under my radar? Well if this is the only ticket left going, I’m going to say that my favourite rediscovered place in Sydney was being handed the keys to Marie Louise and given the opportunity to open the treasure trove to the community for a weekend!

  3. Elle T says:

    The fronts of old workers cottages on Railway Rd at Sydenham which were left there to remember all the homes in the area that had to be demolished following the construction of Sydney airport. Some of the remaining letterboxes have secrets in them.

  4. Em Blamey says:

    The weirdest lost thing I’d love to see again is the space shuttle that was somewhere in Pyrmont I think. – Bizarre!

  5. Kristina says:

    Can’t decide between the African Lion Safari at Warragamba Dam,which I visited as child.i still remember the fear and excitement of seeing lions and tigers roaming just outside the car,coming to the window for that extra close encounter,with only glass between us .and hoping ot to break down!!, or Tamaramas'”Fairy City” wonderland with its penny arcades,circus,tearooms and artificial lake that i have read about,that also would have been something to see.

  6. nikkola1 says:

    Whenever I can I descend into the bowels of the GPO and search out the little passageway that takes you to a display cubby hole of the Tank Stream that was part of early Sydney. A cross section of brick tunnel, artefacts from an earlier sydney displayed, drawings of the GPO itself and windows giving you a glimpse at street level of Martin Place traffic! Marvellous time capsule!!

  7. I would love to have seen the tram terminus in Earlwood. You can still read the sign from a rise on Clarke st on the side of an old arcade. It joins Homer street with the shopfront alley behind and houses a curtain shop, a constantly failing kebab place (seriously they’ve had like four owner in as many years), and a Christian bookstore with detailed posters full of dinosaurs explaining creationism.

  8. My favourite lost Sydney place is Rowe Street with the Galleria coffee shop, Henriette Lamotte’s hat shop and Rose Street Records all sadly gone.

  9. Adrian says:

    There was this like sports/RSL club in Ashfield that used to have this big lit-up sign with a raven on it which would change colours. When I was young it used to delight me when my parent’s car would stop at the intersection there and I could watch it go through the rainbow, ha ha, it sounds so stupid now but at the time it was great! It’s all ‘lost’ now. They tore it down sooo long ago and put up a much more sensible building instead.

  10. Kate Hawes says:

    The “Tooheys 2.2” billboard on the side of the former brewery (now Kennards Hire) on Parramatta Rd,Taverners Hill. It can only be spotted when they are in the process of changing whichever billboard now covers it over.

  11. matttdevine says:

    I had been told about the grotto that had once been part of the grounds of Elizabeth Bay House- and that it was still there, just hidden! When I finally found it, I was thrilled! And who doesn’t love a grotto anyway!

  12. Genevieve Giles says:

    I would love to explore the inside of the Homebush Theatre! I have only seen photos on Past Lives of the Near future, but its remained untouched and intact all this time, despite developers encroaching all around it! So to go inside and explore before it goes the way of the developers, would just be amazing!

  13. Chantel Lewis-King says:

    Love amusement parks that time forgot. A favourite is the real life ‘Old Mother who Lived in a Shoe’ out at Lansvale! Growing up out West, I always heard about my mother’s childhood visits to the Lion Safari at Warragamba (and sat through the reminiscing on slide nights) and recall the tv ads for El Caballo Blanco. It so feels like from another time though!

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