A Return to the Express Footway

Following on from my post of some years ago now on the Express Footway some new archival footage has arisen of Sydney’s most atmospheric subterranean thoroughfare, back on its inaugural day.

Master Jenson (aged 13 months) is not too sure what to make of it by the end, but 54 years later people are still going for footway joyrides.

This blog’s author leading a tour of Sydney Mystery Structures along the Express Footway in October 2015.

3 Comments on “A Return to the Express Footway”

  1. Graeme says:

    I’ve had an aim to ride this since I was about 15 (1971). Didn’t come into the city that often (not further than NSWIT anyway) and when I did something always seemed to get in the way. I’ve now done it, and had a photo of me published in Mirror Sydney as proof.

    Viewing the original footage, I noticed straight away that the side they’re travelling on seems narrower than what it is now. However it took me several more viewings to realise that it also ran in the opposite direction. Back then we travelled on the right, now we’re on the left. Does it have a reversing switch? Was it changed when refurbished? Can film be ‘reversed’ like a photo? A couple more Sydney mysteries.

    • Vanessa Berry says:

      Thanks for coming on the tour Graeme and I’m happy to hear you finally had your chance to ride the express footway! Good spotting with the direction – it is indeed travelling the other way. We might need an escalator aficionado to help us – as the footway now, and most escalators, are oriented to the left rather than the right. My guess is that it was changed when refurbished, I will see if I can find us an answer!

  2. Such a great day and a wonderful revisit to the bouncy walkway. Thanks for the memories!

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