The Monorail Map

the 12 stations of the monorailIn honour of the monorail’s final journey tomorrow, I made a map re-imagining the monorail route using my favourite elements of the journey. The new stops are:

1. Kent/Superman – it must be more than a coincidence that Kent House is across the road from a cardboard cut-out of Superman in the upstairs window of Comic Kingdom.

2. Bristol – in honour of the old real estate sign, back from the days where a fibro cottage was a thing of dreams.

3. Druids – Druid’s House, 302 Pitt Street.

4. Wagon Wheel – adjacent the City Centre monorail station there is a strange building with big wagon wheels in its windows, which you can’t see into. There are no signs on this building and about the only thing I can imagine it being is a wild west themed bordello.

5. Knight – The knights with blank shields on the facade of the State Theatre. They’re not present in old photos of the State Theatre, so they are recent arrivals made to look the part, perhaps.

6. Plane Tree – the avenue of plane trees on Market Street as the monorail crosses over it on the way to Darling Harbour.

7. Western Distributor – I’ve always liked the name of this road, so pleasingly utilitarian.

8. Submarine – moored outside the Maritime Museum among a microcosm of sea adventure, which also includes a warship, lighthouse and tall ship.

9. Crystal Palace – Harbourside shopping centre.

10. Dock – the long section of the monorail ride in which the view is of loading docks behind Harbourside and the convention and exhibition centres.

11. Entcent – this abbreviation of Entertainment Centre has always seemed far too familiar for me to use. It would have to be a place I often visited for me to shorten its name so, though I have had some good experiences there. I saw The Cure there many years ago, one of the highlights of my secret (or not so) life as a goth.

12. KY – the old painted advertisement for 2KY above Goulburn Street.

My final monorail offering is this video of a performance by Yuji Sone in 1987, when the monorail was being constructed. The whole video is quite beautiful in its strange way, even at the end when he gets arrested.



3 Comments on “The Monorail Map”

  1. Paul Inglis says:

    I can’t help but notice that the “Tear Down This City Horror” headline (in relation to the QVB) is largely credited to Harry Seidler! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Good article about the monorail, BTW. It may have been a white elephant, but the ugliness was vastly overstated.

    • Paul Inglis says:

      Sorry – this comment should have been for the previous article…

    • Vanessa Berry says:

      Thanks Paul – yes it was very much a white elephant, every time I noticed it going by it was a surprise. I had a fondness for it so I didn’t mind the surprise but I imagine the surprise infuriated many!

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