Spherical Sydney

A holiday gift from Mirror Sydney – Sydney as a bauble. At the centre is the AMP tower, built in 1962.

Spherical Sydney


Post-Christmas Edit: For those interested in the rest of the leaflet, here it is:

AMP pamphlet front


AMP pamphlet 3


AMP pamphlet 2

4 Comments on “Spherical Sydney”

  1. bigbadsteve says:

    Impressive, where’d you get this? It looks kind of old, I’m guessing 1960’s?

    • Vanessa Berry says:

      It is from a commemorative leaflet for the opening of the AMP tower, so it would be from 1962. I can scan the rest if you’re interested in it. The other side goes through all the different floors of the AMP tower.

  2. sarah barns says:

    Hi, I love this! Just stumbled across the image. You should have a look at another image of the AMP Building here: http://sitesandsounds.net.au/projects-2/abc-sydney-sidetracks/sidetracks-highlights/ (scroll half way down) Thanks for sharing. I’d be interested in seeing the rest of the leaflet.

  3. […] of the city office buildings that were built with a similar curved shape, the best known being the AMP building that faces Circular Quay and was, in the early 1960s when it opened, the tallest building in the […]

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